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The Planeteers

I just want to feature here my colleagues and fellow advocates for environmental awareness. You can also follow them through their blogs and see their viewpoints about our current environmental condition. As they say, two heads are better than one.



Hi, everyone! Right now, I’ll be sharing tips on how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to help our environment. So this is what I’m talking about on my first post that as normal citizens, what are the little things that we can do so that our environment can keep its beauty for our great grandchildren could still see. But first, let’s define what are these 3Rs.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle have been considered to be a base of environmental awareness and a way of promoting ecological balance through conscious behavior and choices. It is generally accepted that these patterns of behavior and consumer choices will lead to savings in materials and energy which will benefit the environment. And so, here are some of the few things how we can do the 3Rs.


Reduce (buy less and use less): Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment.

  • Buy products that don’t have a lot of packaging. Buy recycled or used products. Buy stuff made close to home.
  • Instead of buying something you’re not going to use very often, see if you can borrow it from someone you know.
  • Start a compost bin. The compost is good for the soil in your yard and means that less garbage will go to the landfill.
  • Save energy by turning off lights that you are not using. Choose electronics and appliances that are energy-efficient.
  • Save water by turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth or take shorter showers.


Reuse (discarded item are used again): Instead of throwing things away, try to find ways to use them again.

  • Bring cloth sacks to the store with you instead of taking home new paper or plastic bags.
  • Plastic containers and reusable lunch bags are great ways to take your lunch to school without creating waste.
  • Coffee cans, shoe boxes, margarine containers, and other types of containers people throw away can be used to store things or can become fun arts and crafts projects.
  • Don’t throw out clothes, toys, furniture, and other things that you don’t want anymore. Somebody else can probably use them (sell or give).
  • Use all writing paper on both sides.
  • Use paper grocery bags to make book covers than buying new ones.
  • Use silverware and dishes instead of disposable plastic utensils and plates.
  • Store food in reusable plastic containers.




Many of the things we use every day, like paper bags, soda cans, and milk cartons, are made out of materials that can be recycled. Recycled items are put through a process that makes it possible to create new products out of the materials from the old ones.


In addition to recycling the things you buy, you can help the environment by buying products that contain recycled materials. Many brands of paper towels, garbage bags, greeting cards, and toilet paper, to name a few examples, will tell you on their labels if they are made from recycled materials.


The bottom line is every one of us can do these very easy things it’s almost effortless. Although these are very small things but they are very effective and have a very big impact towards saving and maintaining our environment.

Hi, everyone! So, let me introduce you to a game I always play on Facebook (just to keep the stress level at bay while I’m finishing my MS degree). It’s called Miscrits. So why am I featuring a game on this blog? My goal is not to convince you to play the game; rather I want you to know its story.


So in the land called Miscria, there are creatures called Miscrits. These creatures have special powers and they can use the elements (i.e. plants, water, fire, earth, lightning, and air) to battle opponents. Most people living in Miscria believe that the land belongs to the Miscrits and people should respect and live in harmony with them. But some of the proud civilians don’t agree with this. This is why they (the Magicites) learned magic to takeover Miscria and get rid of all the Miscrits that lived before them. Fortunately, there are travelers who’re destined to fight and defeat the Magicites with the help of Miscrits.


And so, the morale of the story is that the game is similar to what is happening in our world, which basically environmental destruction is caused by human actions. In fact, this game might be inspired with the fact that plants and animals (like Miscrits) were allegedly the first inhabitants of this planet, but people who came after them are trying to take away or destroy their environment, which is our environment as well. We tend to neglect the consequences of our actions. We (like the Magicites) pollute our environment, destroy habitats (e.g. cutting trees, and the likes), and endanger our animals. On the bright side, it’s also at the hands of people who care for the environment (like the travelers) that can restore the natural order and protect the inhabitants of the planet that we all live in.


It would be nice if all online games have this kind of aspect in them that would make players realize that what you play can also be done in the real world. And instead of gaming all day, we can actually use the time to make a difference and apply the good stuff we learn in games to help our environment and all of its inhabitants.

Video: Green Grass Grew All Around


Hearing this song reminds me of the different nutrient cycles in our environment and the concept of energy flow. Why? In my interpretation, the song is conveying that everything is connected and one thing relies on another as well as one form can become another form. The tree depends on the hole on the earth for support and a place where it can extend its roots for nutrients (water and chemical ions). The branch give rise to twigs and leaves that will soon support a nest for birds. The leaves will also take in light for photosynthesis to occur. Photosynthesis is a part of the carbon cycle, and once this process takes place, transpiration can also occur and we know that transpiration in plants is part of the water cycle. Photosynthesis is a part of the energy flow. Similarly, a bird egg needs heat energy for incubation to become a baby bird.


Just like the lyrics in the song, the nutrient cycles have several role players. Each role player supports the cycle. In the absence of one, then cycle might be compromised. Without the earth, the tree might not grow. Without the branches and the twigs, the birds might not be able to make their home. Similarly, if there is no rain clouds, water won’t be able to flow again on the land and plants and animals will die. If there are no decomposers and other microorganisms, the nutrients of the leaves (particularly carbon) won’t return to the earth and nitrogen won’t be readily available for plant nutrition.


So even in a kids’ song, the principle of ecology can be applied wherein kids can understand the concept better. The way of teaching these principles doesn’t have to be in plain text, but can be in the form of visuals and sound. This way, it’s more fun and easy. Lastly, the song can also be interpreted that to survive and continue living, we need both living and non-living matter to interact together.

Link: Healthy Diets


I’m not going to place here “dieting” tips. Rather, I just want to share my point of view that our bodies is an environment in itself and that we have what they call “Body Ecology”. What better way to appreciate our external environment and realize its importance other than appreciating our own or inner ecosystem.


The body ecology system of health and healing is one whose many facets can take years to master, yet these basic principles can be easily understood and followed. They include three simple dietary transitions that can have a profound impact on how you feel:


  • The addition of cultured foods to your diet
  • Changing the quality of fats and oils you consume
  • Drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates and sugars


Think of your body as the environment around you. If you choose to be healthy by having a balanced diet (partnered with a good exercise), you’ll feel good and vibrant. The same way happens if you treat your environment right. If you plant trees, you conserve energy and resources, and you never pollute (e.g. throwing garbage anywhere), then your surroundings will be pleasant and as vibrant as you’ll be when you take in the right nutrition.


The same goes if you don’t watch what you eat. People know what kind of food that is not good for them, but they still take them in. Similarly, people know what is bad for the environment, but they still do nasty and harmful deeds and neglect the circumstances of their actions. As such, eating unhealthily without exercise will take its toll on your body. You’ll risk yourself from having diseases that could have been preventable if you follow a proper diet. In comparison, polluting, cutting trees, and illegal hunting can harm and disrupt the natural flow in the environment.


Just click on the picture above to see a list of food that is good for (particularly, men) you. So please, choose the right and healthy habits. Take care of our environment as you would live your life to the fullest, because the environment is our life.

Video: Befriending Giants


Whale sharks are one of the gentlest creatures in our oceans. However, people take advantage of their vulnerability and hunt them down for their fins and meat. Again, humans are the greatest threat to these docile giants.


Fortunately, not all humans think alike. For example, in Cebu (Tan-awan, Oslob), fishermen don’t harm these creatures to make money. Instead, they have grown fond of the whale sharks and even feed them with krill. They respect and live harmoniously with these gentle giants.


Nevertheless, there is a recurring issue that feeding the whale sharks is not a good practice. Experts fear that if we do this, this animal might lose its natural instinct to look for food because they’re used to being fed by the fishermen. Although there are no concrete evidences to support this argument, it’s still a possibility.


For me, it’s okay that we feed them. Somehow it’s our way of giving back to nature. By doing so, we’re conserving the generation of this endangered animal. Of course, the idea wherein these animals are left alone and are allowed proliferate peacefully in their natural environment is better. However, people are threatening these creatures to extinction. In fact, National Geographic has cited the Philippines wherein these creatures are most spotted and are most hunted. Given a choice, I think most of us would prefer domesticating this animal than living them alone vulnerable to hunters.


With the help of experts, we’re able to sustain and check the population of whale sharks in the Philippine seas. Also by doing so, we can prevent hunters from taking this animal away completely off the planet. In addition, guidelines are being developed to keep the dependency of this animal to humans to a minimal. I just hope that we do our part in protecting this animal by spreading awareness on how to properly interact with them (Check this website for a brief background on how to care for whale sharks if you spot one, Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu). And hopefully, they’ll still be around for our great grandchildren to see.


Now, what is the ecological importance of whale sharks and other filter feeders to the environment? You’ll be surprised to know the answer here: The Ecological Role of Filter Feeders.

— Captain Planet, Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1993)

For me, this quote simply means that we have the power to protect or destroy our environment. This also means that we can also rebuild our environment while it’s not too late. It’s up to us to make a choice.

Hi netizens!


As you may know, I’m not the real Captain Planet that we used to see on TV when we were kids. My name is Kenneth and I want to welcome you and introduce my blog entitled, “I am, Captain Planet!”


Just like in the 1990 cartoon TV series, this blog aims to spread awareness about environmental concerns that our world is currently facing and give ideas on how to help Mother Nature conserve our Earth, which is our only home. In this blog, you’ll learn little but effective ways to make a big difference in protecting our planet.


So, please join me in knowing and realizing the impacts of our actions towards the environment. Let’s all keep this planet alive.






P.S. Whether it is in the bible or in science books, human beings weren’t the first living species on this planet. In this context, we should respect and care for the life before us. They are the very reason why this planet became alive and livable. They are also the ones that are keeping us alive by providing air and food. They are also the ones that make sure the life and nutrient cycles on Earth stay mobile. We’re nothing without them.